Conference topics

Session topics include:
  1. Green solvents – Design of safer chemicals – Sustainable organic synthesis
  2. Catalytic processes (homogeneous, heterogeneous and bio-catalysis)
  3. Biomass derived platform chemicals, monomers, polymers, materials
  4. Alternative fossil fuels and biofuels, green bio-energy
  5. Valorization of renewable and natural resources
  6. Waste recycle and valorization – Circular economy (food waste, hazardous waste, municipal waste, plastic waste)
  7. CO2 utilization
  8. Alternative and benign chemical processes (microwaves, ultrasounds, photochemistry, electrochemistry, flow chemistry, etc.)
  9. Nano-materials for energy and environmental applications
  10. Pollution prevention and remediation – green analytical methods
  11. Computational Chemistry towards greener chemical processes
  12. Green chemistry metrics – Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  13. Education and societal awareness – UN Sustainable Developments Goals
  14. Green Chemistry and entrepreneurship – Sustainable industrial processes