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Periodic Table of Younger Chemists

Co-sponsored by the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) 
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In celebration of the 100th anniversary of IUPAC and the International Year of the Periodic Table, IUPAC and IYCN announce the creation of a Periodic Table of Younger Chemists. Beginning in July 2018 and ending in July 2019 at the World Chemistry Congress and IUPAC General Assembly, we will honor a diverse group of 118 outstanding younger chemists from around the world who in embody the mission and core values of IUPAC. The resulting periodic table will highlight the diversity of careers, creativity, and dedication of the young chemists leading us into the next century. Winners will be profiled on the IUPAC100 website and will receive a certificate from the IUPAC. Nominations are now being accepted.


Global Women’s Breakfast

Women have made enormous contributions to the advancement of chemistry over the last 100 years, but they rarely take time to celebrate these achievements. We encourage groups to organize breakfast networking events and to connect on that day with other groups around the world as a way to strengthen the bonds between women in chemistry.

We invite chemists and students from around the world to come together on February 12, 2019 for a global breakfast celebration entitled, “Empowering Women in Chemistry: A Global Networking Event”.


IUPAC Stories

IUPAC’s mission is to provide objective scientific expertise and develop the essential tools for the application and communication of chemical knowledge for the benefit of humankind and the world. As part of the IUPAC100 celebration, we will highlight the essential tools and activities that have been created as a result of IUPAC, how they are being used by scientists on an everyday basis, and examine how they are relevant to the future of chemistry.

Explore our stories and read more about the tools and initiatives developed by IUPAC and how they are used by scientists around the world.

Let us know how you are using IUPAC essential tools @IUPAC or on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #IUPAC100 and #EssentialTools.

Read more about the tools and initiatives developed by IUPAC and how they are used by scientists around the world.


Periodic Table Challenge

Co-sponsored by the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019) 
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The year 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of IUPAC and also the 150th anniversary of the development of the Periodic Law of the Elements independently by Dmitri Mendeleev and Lothar Meyer.

To celebrate these anniversaries, IUPAC is hosting an online, global challenge about the Periodic Table of the Elements. The online challenge is aimed at a global audience of young students, encouraging them to become part of a global community that is excited about chemistry.This activity will also encourage chemistry classes, schools and individuals to play with a goal to reach over a million players around the world.

The Periodic Table Challenge has now been launched and will be available on-line until the end of 2019.


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