The IUPAC Affiliate Membership Program (AMP) allows any individual with an interest in IUPAC and IUPAC activities to sustain a relationship with the Union.

The AMP was launched in 1986 in order to maximize the participation of chemists throughout the world in the affairs of IUPAC and also to disseminate information about its activities to a much wider audience. Details about the program, its origin, and benefits are outlined here.

2023 AMP Membership is USD 50.00 per year (includes digital Chemistry International)
IUPAC has discontinued print copies of CI but is available on the IUPAC website and DeGruyter’s website

OPTION 1 – Join through IUPAC

Chemists may apply to IUPAC directly by filling out the 2023 online form HERE.  

After your application and payment are received, your name will be recorded in our records and posted on the IUPAC website as an IUPAC Affiliate Member (AMP). Please allow 7 to 10 days for your information to be posted in IUPAC’s records. IUPAC will keep coordinators informed of any direct applications in their countries. IUPAC will keep coordinators informed of any direct applications in their countries.

OPTION 2 – Join through an AMP Coordinator

The AMP is administered in many countries and regions through an AMP Coordinator. To become an IUPAC Affiliate Member through a coordinator, locate the AMP Coordinator for your country/region in the listing below, and contact him or her for information on joining.

The following contacts have been established in the countries participating in the Affiliate Membership Program:

AMP Country Contacts

First NameLast NameE-mailCountry
RosannaShamshudin[email protected]Australia
RogerStapleford[email protected]Australia
J. C.Braekman[email protected]Belgium
DirceCampos[email protected]Brazil
ChristoBalarew[email protected]Bulgaria
JustinNenwa[email protected]Cameroon
MichelleMoulton[email protected]Canada
LidongHan[email protected]China, Beijing
ItoChao[email protected]China, Taipei
PavelDrasar[email protected]Czech Republic
ThorstenHansen[email protected]Denmark
SariVihavainen[email protected]Finland
JeanPelin[email protected]France
Hans-GeorgWeinig[email protected]Germany
David KofiEssumang[email protected]Ghana
S.P.Mishra[email protected]India
Maria CarlaRicci[email protected]Italy
AndreaGoldson-Barnaby[email protected]Jamaica
ShinichiSuzuki[email protected]
Ting-KuehSoon[email protected]Malaysia
EricaRodi[email protected]Netherlands
AndrzejKonowal[email protected]Poland
ArthurSilva[email protected]Portugal
RobertoAguayo[email protected]Puerto Rico
CorneliaVasile[email protected]Romania
Swee NginTan[email protected]Singapore
VenceslavKaucic[email protected]Slovenia
LailaSmith[email protected]South Africa
Sonsoles M
[email protected]Spain
HilaryWhite[email protected]United Kingdom
ExecutiveDirector[email protected]United States

The Sponsored Affiliate Program has been discontinued.