On the discovery of new elements

Upper end of the chart of nuclei showing the presently (2018) known nuclei. (See full text)

The proposal that the criteria for the discovery of new elements, established 25 years ago by the Transfermium Working Group (TWG) established by IUPAP and IUPAC, be reviewed grew out of discussions started by Natalia Tarasova and Bruce McKellar, the Presidents of IUPAC and IUPAP in 2016. These discussions were driven by a desire to revise the procedures for the Joint Working Parties (JWPs) set up by the Unions for determining claims for the discovery of new elements before any new claims were made. In the course of these discussions it became clear that the criteria for discovery set out previously related to discovery methods which were being replaced by newer methods, and that it would be useful also to revise those criteria before new claims were made.
As a result, the Unions set up a Joint Working Group (JWG) on the criteria for discovery of new elements.
The first meeting of the JWG was in May 2017 and a report prepared by Sigurd Hofmann, Sergey N. Dmitriev, Claes Fahlander, Jacklyn M. Gates, James B. Roberto and Hideyuki Sakai, was submitted to the Presidents of IUPAC and IUPAP May 25, 2018.

In accordance with the Terms of Reference under which the JWG was established, this report has been provisionally accepted by us, and is open for comment for 5 months.

Comments will be accepted up to 31 March 2019.
> Access full text of the IUPAC/IUPAP Provisional Report titled “On the discovery of new elements”

Foundation meeting of the ‘Joint Working Group’, JWG, in Egelsbach near Darmstadt, Germany, 20-22 May 2017. Left to right: Sigurd Hofmann (Chair), Sergey Dmitriev, Jacklyn Gates, Natalia Tarasova (2017 President of IUPAC) proudly keeping the Chart of Nuclei in her hands, Bruce McKellar (2017 President of IUPAP), James Roberto, Hideyuki Sakai (Vice Chair), and Claes Fahlander, respectfully holding the Periodic Table of the Elements.

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