WorldFAIR month 12 deliverables

CODATA is pleased to communicate that all the WorldFAIR month 12 deliverables have been submitted to the EC HORIZON agency and are available in our Zenodo community:

This report reviews some of the critical and persistent issues around documentation of chemical information. These were identified through a series of webinar panels on the theme: “What is a chemical?”, and through other conferences, workshops, and ongoing collaborative projects run as part of the WorldFAIR project and by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC, the lead organisation of WP03).
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This is a fantastic achievement and there is a lot of really important work described and communicated in these deliverables.  The external reviewer commented on the quality and readability of the outputs.  That reflects the efforts of the primary authors, but also of all the internal reviewers and the considerable editorial and proof-reading.  The process is essential to ensuring the quality of the outputs and that they will be read and have impact. Congratulations to all involved and to the authors for their hard work and for helping the project stick to the deadlines.

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WorldFAIR Project (D1.3) First policy brief

In this policy brief (released 21 April 2023) the WorldFAIR project makes seven policy recommendations relevant to EOSC.  Evidence and analysis is presented for each recommendation.  The Policy Brief and recommendations draw on project deliverables and discussions held at workshops including project participants and wider stakeholders.  The policy brief also includes a short report on progress made by the project.

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WorldFAIR, a global initiative to to advance implementation of the FAIR data principles within and across research domains, is funded by the EC HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-41 Coordination and Support Action under Grant Agreement No. 101058393. 

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