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cover: 2019 will be a year a celebrations. For chemists and all scientists alike, the International Year of the Periodic Table commemorating the 150 years of the Periodic Table as first outlined by Mendeleev in 1869 is one celebration not to miss. One Table not to miss is that affixed on the Chemistry building at the University of Murcia and where a IYPT event is set to start February 11, the International Day for Women and Girls in Science. See event details page 51 (or here on

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Archives of Chemistry International

The International Year of the Periodic Table 2019 by Jan Reedijk and Natalia Tarasova (Page 2)


IUPAC and the Periodic Table by G.J. Leigh (Page 6)

Criteria for New Element Discovery: Providing Assurance in a Field of Allure and Romance by Sigurd Hofmann (Page 10)

Looking Backwards and Forwards at the Development of the Periodic Table by Eric Scerri (Page 16)

Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights:
History of IUPAC Commission II.1 in the Service of Chemistry by John R. De Laeter (Page 21)
IUPAC Commission II.1 Today by Juris Meija (Page 24)
(see also IUPAC100 story ciaaw-in-the-service-of-chemistry)

Isotopes Matter by Norman E. Holden, Tyler B. Coplen, and Peter Mahaffy (Page 27)
(see also IUPAC100 story why-isotopes-matter,,

The New SI: The International System of Units is Getting a Makeover by Ian Mills and Roberto Marquardt (Page 32)


Election of IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members (Page 36)
or see

Juris Meija Made the Top 40 Under 40 (Page 37)

C. Oliver Kappe is Awarded the 2018 IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize for Flow Chemistry (Page 37)

OPCW to Further Enhance Contributions to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (Page 38)

1001 Inventions: Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry (Page 38)

Stamps International

Olympic Gold, by Daniel Rabinovich (Page 39)

Project Place

Critical evaluation of homogeneous equilibrium and solubility constants of gadolinium in environmental and biological-relevant conditions (Page 40)

23rd UNESCO/IUPAC Postgraduate Course in Polymer Science (Page 40)

Guidance for the Compilation, Critical Evaluation and Dissemination of Chemical Data (Page 40)

Making an imPACt

On the Discovery of New Elements (IUPAC/IUPAP Provisional Report) (Page 42)
or at

IUPAC Periodic Table of the Elements and Isotopes for the Education Community (IUPAC Technical Report) (Page 42)
or free access in PAC at or see latest updates at


Chemistry: Our Past, Present, and Future reviewed y Richard J Sundberg (Page 43)

Conference Call

Solution Chemistry (Page 45)

Organometallic Chemistry and Challenges in CO2 Activation and Utilization (Page 46)

Congreso Latino Americano de Química 48 Energetic Materials (Page 48)

Energetic Materials (Page 50)

Where 2B & Y (Page 51)

Setting their Table: Women and the Periodic Table of Elements, 11-12 February 2019, Murcia, Spain

FAIR Publishing Guidelines for Spectral Data and Chemical Structures, 29-30 March 2019, Orlando, Fl, USA

Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers and 4th Vladimir Prelog Symposium, 9-12 April 2019, Šibenik, Croatia

IUPAC For Africa—Postgraduate Summer School on Green Chemistry, 12-19 May 2019, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

In Honor of IUPAC’s 100th Anniversary1 April 2019, Orlando, USA

Mark Your Calendar (Page 54or see

Back cover Tear-off page: The IUPAC Periodic Table of the Elements, version 1 Dec 2018 (from and IPTEI, Elements and Isotopes

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