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Chemistry International Volume 45, Issue 4

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cover: Selection of Immigration Papers from the Bredig Archive (Photograph Courtesy of Nate Raab). An extraordinary archival collection of letters, photographs, and other documents belonging to Georg and Max Bredig, the German father and son chemists of Jewish descent, have been cataloged, translated, digitized, and made publicly accessible by the Science History Institute in Philadelphia. The project Science and Survival tells the story of the Bredig family’s struggle to survive the Holocaust. See feature p. 6.

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Archives of Chemistry International


From the Era of Print to the Reality of Electronic Publishing (2)
by Wendy Warr
<doi> | <issuu>

Science and Survival: Exploring the Papers of Georg and Max Bredig (6)
by Patrick H. Shea
<doi> | <issuu>

IUPAC’s 2023 Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry (14)
by Fernando Gomollón-Bel




IUPAC Announces the 2023 Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry (23)
<> | <doi>

Awardees of the 2023 IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award for Advancements in Green Chemistry (23)

Some of the students who took part in the IChO 2023 and IUPAC President, Prof. Javier García Martínez, during the visit to Lucerne.

Empowering Future Chemists: IChO and IUPAC Work together to Inspire New Chemistry Vocations (25)
by Víctor Sabanza
<doi> <> <flickr>

WorldFAIR month 12 deliverables (27)

Actions Taken by IUPAC Council, The Hague, Netherlands, August 2023 (28)

An International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development (31)

IUPAC and Gedeon Richter, Plc. announce the 2024 IUPAC-Richter Prize in Medicinal Chemistry (31)

Polymer Video Competition (ad p51)

Project Place


The task group at work, from left: Mustafa Sözbilir, Masahiro Kamata, Jan Apotheker, Mei-Hung Chiu, Michael Droescher, and Suzanne Boniface

Design for International Standards for Chemistry Education (32)


Capacity Building of Teachers on Chemistry Hands-on Small-scale Experiments in High School in Asia: Nepal (34)

Teachers from five countries during training the trainers


Accreditation and Quality Assurance (39)
A Special Issue in Memory of Paul De Bièvre (1933– 2016) in ACQUAL Journal, June 2023
Reviewed by F. Pavese

Up for Discussion

A Nobel support of Professor Thomas Hudlicky (40)
by Leiv K. Sydnes

Conference Call

POLY-CHAR [Auckland] 2023 (42)
by Jianyong Jin

Sustainability and Inclusivity: An Interdisciplinary Conversation (44)
by Liana Vaccari, Kristin A. Bennett, Ana Ferreras, Danniebelle N. Haase, Jennifer E. Lansford, A. Ester Sztein, and Vivian U

Creating stronger bonds—Highlights of the visit of IUPAC President to Romania (46)
by Mihaela Florea, Mihaela Matache, and Aurelia Visa

Where 2B & Y


The 25th Annual Meeting of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society and ISRANALYTICA (49)

ICCE 2024 (ad p48)
GWB 2024 (ad p45)


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